decentraland and facebook partnership

Decentraland And Facebook Partnership

What are the decentraland and Facebook partnership? In this article, we will discuss more information in this title. Read this article so you can have knowledge of this study.

What are the Decentraland And Facebook Partnership?

Decentraland is a virtual reality world where you can buy and sell property, chat with other users, and explore a vast landscape. Facebook is a social media platform that was in 2004. 

The partnership between decentraland and Facebook would be a collaboration to create a decentralized social network. Also, the decentralized social network will be on virtual reality. This collaboration is not confirmed yet.

Decentraland’s founder Ari Meilich mentioned in its blog post that it will support the development of the decentralized social network. He writes that decentraland would be the first platform to support this platform. 

He also writes that Facebook needs a platform to host its applications, and this platform was decentraland. He also writes that decentraland is a perfect platform for this application to be developed. 

Many Companies

Decentraland is working together with various companies, including ConsenSys and Zeppelin. These companies are developing a new protocol for identity management, which will be into decentralized social networks. 

The social network is to be open to the public in 2019. Decentraland, however, has not made any statement about when the date of the opening would be announced. 

Decentraland, which has a current market capitalization of $178 million, is on KuCoin exchange and EtherDelta. As a result of the partnership between decentraland and Facebook, the price of this token is to increase. 

What are the Opinions From Cryptocurrency Experts?

One crypto analyst, who is familiar with the crypto market, said that decentralized social networks such as Diaspora and Mastodon have been able to compete with Facebook. He also said that he believed this Facebook competitor would be a success. 

Facebook has been in cryptocurrency since 2014. The company has also developed a blockchain division for this purpose. At first, it may seem odd for Facebook to seek a partnership with decentraland because it is a decentralized platform. 

However, it is not surprising because Facebook is making an effort to move from traditional social media into new technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency

What is the Significance of This Partnership? 

There are some significant meanings of this partnership. First, it will be able to increase the value of decentraland. 

Second, it is to improve the performance of decentraland’s token. Third, this partnership can help decentraland have more users. Fourth, this new product can lead to the development of a new ecosystem involving blockchain technology.

Fifth, this partnership can be the beginning of a new era for Facebook and decentralized platforms. Sixth, this collaboration might lead to a new cryptocurrency or token.

Seventh, this partnership will create a new social media ecosystem that is dependent on blockchain technology. Eighth, decentraland can become a platform where new projects will be on blockchain technology.

Ninth, decentralized social networks will be able to compete with traditional social media such as Facebook. Tenth, there is a high possibility that the decentralized social network developed by Facebook will be able to compete with Facebook. 


The partnership between decentraland and Facebook would be a collaboration to create a decentralized social network. Also, the decentralized social network will be on virtual reality. 

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