decentraland headquarters

Decentraland Headquarters

What are the decentraland headquarters? You can have more awareness of this topic. If you want to understand more information, read this study.

What are the Decentraland Headquarters?

Decentraland Headquarters is a VR space with information about the company and an interactive museum. In addition, there are several virtual businesses to explore.

If you want to visit the Decentraland Headquarters, you must buy a MANA token first. You can see the current MANA price and market cap on  

After you have bought MANA, go to ‘buy land’. You will be able to purchase land in Decentraland by sending your MANA from an Ethereum wallet like MyEtherWallet.

Decentraland Land

Once you have purchased some land in Decentraland, you can visit the headquarters by opening “buy land” in your Decentraland Client (Decentraland client is available only for Mac, Windows, and Linux at the moment).

Decentraland HQ – Exploring the Decentraland Museum

In the Decentraland Museum, there is a model of Decentraland. This model contains information about different parts of the Decentraland as well as information about LAND ownership, MANA prices, and more.

You can also find a small shop in the museum where you can buy some items. Each item costs 0.3 MANA.

You can also visit different virtual businesses in Decentraland. Some of the businesses include a Coindaddy’s Diner, Crypto Valley Association, and a Decentraland shop.

Decentraland Crypto Valley Association

In the Crypto Valley Association, you can find a lot of information about blockchain technology. There is also a small room where you can talk with other people who are also visiting the museum.

There is a Decentraland Shop in the Decentraland Museum which sells a t-shirt and some other items with Decentraland’s logo on them.


So the mission was to design a space where people could learn about crypto. Also, it is about the company, connecting in different ways, and attending events hosted in the building.

The company is trying to build a decentralized virtual world. The world will be built on a blockchain-based protocol. Also, the company has planned to make it much more than just digital real estate.

So the users can buy and sell virtual land in this virtual world. The company is working hard to make this project much more inclusive and valuable for the users.


The Decentraland HQ is an open-source project and you can find it on Github here. You can also view all of their code here. There are some features of this project:

It is decentralized, so there is no need to rely on a third-party server that could vanish at any moment.

Decentraland HQ – Inside the Decentraland Museum

It allows users to become a part of the decentralized virtual world by buying virtual land. Also, they can trade it among themselves.

Decentraland headquarters will be a place of convergence for the community and developers. Users will be able to attend meetups, conferences, and other events there.

Decentraland Headquarters is a virtual space where you can see different landmarks. Some physical objects could be touched or moved around there. Also, you can interact with different decentralized applications in this virtual space. 


The Decentraland team is working on building more of them. They also have plans to let more people create their own virtual spaces so that more people will join the Decentraland community.

Decentraland Headquarters will be a place where people can connect and explore different decentralized applications in a fun way.

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