Decentraland Keyboard Controls

Decentraland Keyboard Controls

Maybe you’re wondering what is the connection between Decentraland and keyboard controls. To have a clear understanding, let us know the meaning of Decentraland keyboard controls.

What Is Decentraland Keyboard Controls?

Decentraland keyboard controls are a way to use your computer without any toolbars, menus, or icons. To use Decentraland, you need to install the free software called VRLD, which is available for both Mac and Windows.

Decentraland Keyboard Controls – How To Use?

You can download and install VRLD by visiting the Decentraland website. Once you have installed the software, you can now begin playing Decentraland. 

To start playing Decaladn, visit the Decentraland website and simply type the following address in your browser. You will then see a virtual reality world.

And then you can begin exploring it by using your keyboard controls (See below).

What Are The Keyboard Controls For Decentraland?

Here is the keyboard control from the following:

Movement: WASD or arrow keys (arrow keys for moving horizontally)

Sitting/Standing Up: E or Shift + E (E for keyboard)

Facing Left/Right: Q or Shift + Q (Q for keyboard)

Facing Forward/Backward: A or Shift + A (A for keyboard)

Look Up/Down: R or Shift + R (R for keyboard)

Head Tracking: H (H for hotkeys) You can also fix your head position by using a Home key. You can also use other hotkeys to move your view up, down, left, and right. 

How Important Are Keyboard Controls?

If you think keyboard controls are not required in Decentraland, you are wrong. Here are some reasons why you need to use Decentraland keyboard controls.

If you are a gamer, you will surely need keyboard controls for your gaming computer at home. Are you wondering why? You may use your computer at home, but the problem is that it does not have a VR headset. 

And even if you have one, it does not mean that your computer can handle the VR headset well and play the game smoothly. Keyboard controls will help you play games with ease.

Keyboard controls are also necessary for your business. Are you running a business and looking for an easy way to track employee productivity? 

If yes, then this is the right opportunity for you. With Decentaland being popular now, it has become easier to track employee productivity than ever before. 

You can easily place virtual keyboard controls in your office to monitor how productive your employees are. So this is what we call real-time employee monitoring through virtual reality technology.

And here’s another piece of good news. It’s time to start using Decentraland keyboard controls because thousands of virtual reality enthusiasts are waiting for it.

What Is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that lets you build and monetize your virtual world. It is free to use and available on your PC, Mac, and the web. 

And you can use it with or without VR headsets. You can think of Decentraland as an entirely open-source platform where you can freely create your land.

Then you can sell it to other people. We can say that Decentraland is an open-source virtual reality platform where anyone can create their land and objects in a 3D world. 

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