what is decentraland crypto

What Is Decentraland Crypto

What is decentraland crypto? In this article, we will discuss more information in this title. Read this article so you can have knowledge of this study.

What Is Decentraland Crypto?

Decentraland crypto is a virtual reality platform that allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications. Users can buy plots of land and build anything from 3D artwork to interactive games.

Decentraland’s cryptocurrency, Mana, is to buy land or goods within the platform. Decentraland is a distributed organization, and users have a say in its development.

Decentraland Crypto Decentraland Crypto You can also create an account on the map and explore the world. If you find an interesting place, you can buy it. Each plot of land is unique and identified by a number. 

How to Buy MANA Cryptocurrency 

There are two ways to get MANA: from trading with another cryptocurrency or from buying it directly from the official website. T

o buy MANA, you will need to sign up for an account first and then connect it to your crypto wallet. Trading with MANA is possible at several exchanges. Decentraland is available to trade with BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Decentraland Crypto MANA Price 

The price of MANA has been fluctuating since the start of the year, starting at around $0.02 in January 2018. It reached $0.12 by the end of January, but the value then dropped to around $0.08 in mid-February. 

The price of MANA increased by a few cents in March and April before dropping again, reaching $0.06 in late May. MANA saw a similar pattern in June and July, with an increase around the middle of each month before dropping again by the end of it. 

The value of MANA started to increase at the end of August and has since seen continued growth, with a high of $0.25 in October 2018. As of early November, the price was around $0.20. MANA had a market cap of nearly $30 million at the start of December 2018.


The goal of Decentraland is to create a virtual world and virtual currency that is more decentralized than the rest. Also, the creators want to build a world that is by its users, so they can do whatever they want with it.


The team behind the Decentraland project is the Decentraland Foundation. It consists of 13 team members, including Ari Meilich, Esteban Ordano, and Ali Nizameddine. Ari Meilich is the founder and CEO of Decentraland. 

He’s also the founder and chairman of Convoy, a peer-to-peer tracking platform on the blockchain. Esteban Ordano has been with blockchain development since 2011. Also, he’s a senior developer at Decentraland and the CTO of MangoApps. Ali Nizameddine is the chief editor and writer at Decentraland.

Token Sale

MANA is Decentraland’s native cryptocurrency. MANA can be to buy virtual land in the Decentraland world or to trade with other cryptocurrencies. Decentraland has its blockchain that is on Ethereum and built on top of smart contracts.

Decentraland Crypto MANA Price MANA has been around since 2015, but it wasn’t officially released until September 2017. The initial token sale took place in August 2017, during which 40 percent of the total supply was sold.


This is a very interesting project, and it’s good to see a virtual reality platform that’s completely decentralized. It will be exciting to watch how Decentraland develops over the next few years.

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